15 Jun 2024


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Senegal CRII Report

Senegal CRII Report Le Sénégal a un niveau d’inégalités de revenus relativement élevé et qui est en hausse, ce qui réduit la croissance du PIB et bloque les avancées en matière d’élimination de la pauvreté avant 2030. Au niveau mondial, le pays arrive seulement en…

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Liberia – CRII Report

Liberia: One of the least commited countries to reducing inequality Liberia has only the fifth lowest inequality in ECOWAS+1, but this is still affecting growth negatively, and has been rising recently. It is 154th of 158 countries in the CRII, 44th of 47 in Africa…

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Ghana – CRI Index country profile

  Ghana – CRI Index country profile Ghana has the third highest income inequality in ECOWAS+1, rising in recent years. It performs only 121st globally on the CRII, though 20th in Africa and 3rd in ECOWAS+, boosted by reasonably strong anti-inequality tax policies, but slightly…

Country Profile


Niger Le Niger a un niveau d’inégalité de revenu relativement bas au sein de la CEDEAO+ (56eau niveau mondial) : Il est néanmoins nécessaire de réduire davantage les inégalités afin d’accélérer la croissance et d’éliminer la pauvreté. En matière d’engagement pour lutter contre les inégalités,…

Inequality Crisis


Introduction The Commitment to Reducing Inequality (CRI) Index monitors what governments are doing through their policy commitments to reduce inequality. We believe inequality is far from inevitable. It is a policy choice and governments have considerable powers to reduce the gap between the rich and…

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